Two old Idiots driving to Vladivostok in a Bentley

Obviously it would be more sensible to go in a Land Rover or a Landcruiser, but that would be rather banal and everybody does it that way. We are far too old and used to comfort to go slumming it in an old 4 wheel drive so we have got ourselves a Bentley Continental. Our trip is part of the Atlantic Pacific Overland Drive : a rally starting in Hamburg and ending in Vladivostok. There should be around 200 teams starting.

The rally regulations are :
The car must be at least 15 years old - Our beautiful Bentley is exactly 15 years old.
No GPS: The Bentley has a stone age GPS, which does not really work very well, even here in Germany, so it certainly would struggle in Turkmenistan.
No motorways: Or at least very few - So no cruising the Bentley at 300km/h Snif ! Snif ! But just what constitutes a motorway in Uzbekistan must be very debatable.

Our plan is to visit interesting and unusual places along the way, meet interesting people from each country, and as we both enjoy eating and drinking, we will try out the national dishes and drinks in each country. This should definitely be something for us to bore people with for years to come.

Whilst we are financing the trip ourselves, part of the rules are that we must raise some money for charity. We have chosen the following charity :
Or :
IBAN : GB86 BOFS 8011 0006 0381 92 BIC : BOFSGB21012 Bank of Scotland
Please let us know how much you have donated so that we can thank you and mention you here.
Anyone, any firm, or any other organisation who wishes to sponsor our trip will in fact be giving to this charity:
Please contact us at :

If anyone has a particular present or product that they would like us to take with us to give away or test, please let us know.

If you choose to sponsor you will get a mention here : X marks the spot.
Thanks to Alida Filippi for her donation